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Port Macquarie

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

What we love in Port city is the traffic. Or rather the lack of traffic jams. Mornings and Saturday late mornings could remind us busy Sydney time but it does not take long and definitely it is a lot milder congestion.

Shopping in Port city

It has its beauty and ease when most of the shops are in walking distance. The city has its beach style holiday shopping feeling, while Settlement City has more a sailing club style due to the closeness of the river. Both shopping area has its own charm. I would not recommend to invite your friends from New York, London or Singapore for a shoping tour to Port Macquarie however you can find something to scroll on the beach or wear at the wine tasting party on Saturday. Life is more relaxed here. Less sophisticated although. If you are after complication, stress and lots of excitement, Port Macquarie would not be your best choice. If you are more after a great walk, beach life activities, horse riding, fishing or wine tasting here you will find it. And all the shops and products supporting these lifestyle activities.

Hospitals, schools, transport

I bet you would not believe that Port Macquarie has a shorter waiting period for doctors than comparing to downtown Sydney. It wasn't always as rosy as now. The new hospitals, the conscious council policy to invite young talented doctors by incentives and favorable conditions changed for the better the city health care system.

Life is normal here. I mean you do not have to hassle and wait and be frustrated by the medical conditions. Isn't it lovely?

How many universities are in Port Macquarie? One, two, three?

My bet was two, because I remembered that Charles Sturt Universityhas a Campus in Port Macquarie and University of Newcastle as well. There is one more institute: UNSW Rural Clinical School for doctors. It has a great reputation in the town due to its modern facilities and well-trained students who will have jobs all around in the region.

You can live here with less frustration, less traffic, less competition.

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