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Complete Buyer's Agent Package


Including all activities in the following order:

  • Complete Buyer’s Need Analysis: Conducting an in-depth analysis to understand your unique requirements and preferences.

  • Market Analysis: Thoroughly assessing the market to provide insights into property values and trends.

  • Property Search, Listing, and Shortlisting: Utilizing advanced tools and local expertise to identify, list, and shortlist properties.

  • Conduct Due Diligence Activities: Reviewing contracts and property documents to ensure a clear understanding of legal and financial aspects.

  • Negotiation:

Creating a negotiation strategy tailored to your preferences.

Negotiating the price on your behalf to secure favourable terms.

  • Manage Purchase Process:

Monitoring the entire purchase process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Overseeing the settlement process to completion.

  • Post Sale Activities:

Offering maintenance and moving-in advice and assistance to ensure a smooth transition.

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