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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a buyer’s agent do?

A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional, hired by a prospective property-buyer to research and negotiate the purchase of a home or investment property on behalf of the buyer.


Happy Buyer’s Agency provides expert advice to find, negotiate and buy a property. We represent property buyers in purchase transactions by providing due diligence, property reports, and access to off market deals.

Why is it different to a real estate agent?

A buyer’s agent represents the interest of the buyer in a real estate transaction, as opposed to a seller’s agent who by law represents the vendor’s interest.

Happy Buyer's Agency

Happy Buyer’s Agency is located on the Mid North Coast, and based in Kendall with a planned expansion to Sydney and other capital cities.


Why is Happy Buyer’s Agency different to other buyer’s agencies?

  • Lajos (Lewis) is an experienced architect and civil engineer with a deeper understanding of a property’s value when compared to that made by other sales professionals. 

  • We live on the Mid North Coast, so we know the area and have a local network of professionals. Due to our locality, we can act fast. 

  • We made the move ourselves; bought properties in this region and settled here. 

  • We have personally experienced most of the challenges of moving to different locations, including different countries. We speak the new comer’s language. 

  • We are not only salespeople; we understand what people are looking for and why. 

We are passionate about our clients. We are dedicated to getting the results you want.

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